Dear Irish, I am an enemy of OTAN/NATO/ Mil-esp Fir Bolg

The EU, expect of you Mrs. Daly, no longer has moral authority, any kind of…

Certainly not butcher Bidens right – hand butcher Stoltenberg, or Mrs. Genozide.

I will do my best, to undermine the military strength, of the enemy OTAN/ Fir Bolg



Peoples of Europa get out of OTAN-NATO

Victory and Hail Nuada dé Danann Weiterlesen


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Data protection declaration

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Maas, Heiko FRD  can contakt me by E-Mail.

Sofortige Verhaftung der Mitglieder, der Partei „The Rechte“ , Verhaftung von  Ursula Mrs. Genozid van:  Ursula Haverbeck,  Gundis Hiltrut Do, Ursula Prägler, van Leyen, und Verbot der Partei. Ufo Crash am 1936 April, von K F S detected.


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