Cosmo-Politics -US military coup for over 76 years

For over 76 years, a covered-up,

Military coup

The coup began in 1947, 150Km  near the small desert town of Roswell, with a crash of small Interstellar – spaceship, from cosmic neighbour civilization.  There got a small  Interstellar – spaceship, got into a thunderstorm and it came to a bad crash.

It was Observing the US-Airforce atomic bomber base, from where the two Atombombs, that was build in Deutschlad, on Nagasaki & Hiroshima started with a Bomber Air plane and without a Military Goel.

In the small desert town of Roswell at the USAF atomic bomber base, is where the MILITARY COUP started up,

Military Generals on Roswell Airbase, concluded that with this, confiscated Interstellar-spacecraft´s  technology, a „world military coup“ was possible – and it was done.

Since then, the US military did make all knowledge, of the existence and technology of the cosmic neighbour civilization, turned into an military secret.

First in the USA, the (civilian) governments were forced undercover to support the military secrecy of all this and to initiate a global crackdown. For 76 years, undercover military Generals,  believed that basic, holy, nature-science like Physics & Biologic research, could be replaced by (waterboarding= ( KZ. Folter ), of captive interstellar astronauts. Interstellar astronauts, who can belong to a Homo Cosmicus, or a Human Deity species.

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